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As you may know by now I own and operate a fishing tackle shop in Bradenton. Each day spent at work is an adventure. Dealing with the public one never knows what to expect. Since this is the “April Fools” month we are going to share some of our foolish moment with you.

Mr. Late Night TV Viewer

Customer: I saw this add on TV last night for a lure that is so good the commentator said it might be banned on the tournament circuit. It can only be purchased on TV. Do you carry it?

Captain John Guy (CJG): I have a great fishing bridge in Brooklyn for sale, cheap, are you interested in it?

Mr. Clueless

Hey, I saw this lure at the sportsmen show this weekend, the guy said it is great and will catch anything. Do you have it?

CJG: I might, who makes it?

Clueless: I forget.

CJG: Is it a top water or a diver?

Clueless: I do not know.

CJG: Is it a hard bait or a plastic?

Clueless: I am not sure; I saw it at the sportsmen show this past weekend.

CJG: Why don’t you look around the shop and see if you can find it or something similar. After several minutes Clueless returns with a lure and states: It is just like this except it is bigger, has more hooks, instead of being silver, chartreuse, red it is red chartreuse, silver. Also it is a diving lure not a floater……….

CJG: I guess we do not have the lure you want.

This following anecdote was a play on words and the guy was a good sport.

Mr. South Africa: Do you have the Rapala xxx? It is great for Tiger bass that we catch in South Africa.

CJG: I have two, I can get more, how long will you be visiting Florida?

Mr. SA: I leave tomorrow.

CJG: I can ship them to South Africa; we ship all over the world.

Mr. SA: Oh, can Ya?

CJG: No just South Africa, not Kenya.

The following is my favorite:

Mr. Trolling Motor

Mr. TM: Hi, I was looking at the 35-foot pound trolling motor, how many horsepower is that?

A customer chirps in: You cannot convert foot-pounds to horsepower.

CJG: I quickly respond that to covert foot pounds to horsepower one divides the foot-pounds by four since a horse has four feet, which in this case calculates to 7.50 horsepower.

Mr. TM turns to his friend and says the trolling motor has 7.5 horsepower.

I quickly run and hide in the office so I do not laugh in the guy’s face.


Mr. Wisenheimer:

Last but not least is the guy who walks up to the sales counter makes a purchase and exclaims: Is this stuff guaranteed to catch fish?

CJG: It is, but your not.

Come spend a day with us, you may have more fun than a day on the water.



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