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“On the Road”   For the past six months we have been planning an October trip to Big Pine Key for a few days of intense fishing. Lots of preparation was involved. New brakes on the trailer, bearings thoughly greased. TWO spare tires where purchase, an extra pair of bearings, Suzuki outboard motor water pump repair kit, etc. The boat was power washed, cleaned and waxed. It paid off nothing broke!   The day before the trip we made a stop at AP Bells commercial fishing supply house near the west end of Cortez Road in Bradenton and stocked up...

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As you may know by now I own and operate a fishing tackle shop in Bradenton. Each day spent at work is an adventure. Dealing with the public one never knows what to expect. Since this is the “April Fools” month we are going to share some of our foolish moment with you. Mr. Late Night TV Viewer Customer: I saw this add on TV last night for a lure that is so good the commentator said it might be banned on the tournament circuit. It can only be purchased on TV. Do you carry it? Captain John Guy (CJG):...

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